Hey Runners - Be Awesome Today!

By Courtney Poullas, 5kCrate Blogger

Our October Women’s 5kCrate is loaded with useful items for runners, but one that we are most excited about is the exclusive Momentum Jewelry motivate bracelet with the “Be Awesome Today” tagline. Why? It means something different to every runner, and here are a few ways we define what it means to be awesome today.

Enjoy the run. Too often, training runs begin to feel like a chore. We set out to run a certain pace in a certain time frame, and if we don’t meet those goals, we are hard on ourselves. With permission to simply enjoy the run, you may notice that you enjoy the scenery more and rekindle what you love about the sport.

Run with a new group or buddy. The running community is one of the friendliest out there. Running with a group allows you to meet new goals and make new friends. Plus, when you feel like burning out or slowing down, good running buddies help you push yourself! Not sure where to find a group? Check out the RRCA and MRTT websites.

Set a new personal best. Few feelings are better than crossing the finish line, glancing at the time clock, and realizing that you did it! Setting a new personal best typically takes a lot of work and dedication, and achieving a PB is truly something to be proud of. In other words, it’s pretty awesome.

Switch up your terrain. If you typically run on roads, consider trying a trail! If you typically run on trails, how about pounding the pavement for part of your run? Trying new terrain and settings is not only physically beneficial, but new sites and sounds can help you rediscover the curiosity that you had when you began running.

Try something new. Whether it’s a new playlist, new gear, or new apparel, you won’t find out what works best unless you actively try out a few new things. Thankfully, the 5kCrate comes with a wealth of ways to do just that: quality apparel, gear, accessories, and more. Pre-orders are open for fall boxes (choice of male or female box) - subscribe today!

We want to hear from you. What does it mean to you, as a runner, to be awesome today? Show us on social media and tag your photos #5kCrate!