In the event that you are looking to keep fit this season, then consider creating a fitness bucket list that will guide you in your endeavours. Creating one with the intention of not following it to the end will actually not do you good. It is advised that once you create one, following it to the end will enable you effectively achieve your fitness goals. The below mentioned challenges will each target different aspects of fitness, from flexibility, endurance and strength. It is advised that soon as you master one level, you then go to the next one while adding time, intensity or reps. An example of this is after you finish a 5k, you could now train for a half marathon. The following are seven goals that every fit woman should aspire to conquer and in addition to that, expert tips on the how and why.

Doing 25 push ups

Performing 25 push ups for women is actually very realistic, reasonable and reachable and this is especially when you master that ability. This type of exercise benefits the upper body strength and this is in the chest region, arms and shoulder girdle. The fact that they require no equipment helps in training different muscle groups. Aesthetically, it is proven that push ups helps in preventing women’s breasts from sagging as they age and this is because the pectoralis muscles are exercised and strengthened.

If you are exercising for the first time, it is important that you start with modified push ups that involve resting on your knees as opposed to your toes. Consider keeping your back straight as you are doing the push ups, your abdominals tensed and butt and hips down. Your chest should touch the floor and while at it, ensure that your midsection does not. To build your strength, gradually increase the reps until you are able to hoist yourself on your toes.

Running a couple of miles

For those who prefer running, the longer the distance the better for you and this is because you will feel a true sense of accomplishment. Another thing is that this does not require the same preparation and commitment time as a marathon. In addition to that, you will not only enjoy physiological benefits but also psychological ones. Physiological benefits include;

  • Improved upper and lower body strength
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight loss

Emotional and mental benefits are often overlooked which should not be so mainly because they not only offer a sense of accomplishment but also self confidence gotten from achieving such a goal. While training, runners enjoy developing relationships and bonding and this is because they get to support, motivate and encourage one another.

Mastering 3 yoga poses

Minimal equipment is required when it comes to doing yoga poses and the fact that it mostly involves stretching without stressing your joints makes it fun! One major benefit associated with yoga is that it helps in improving posture and stress levels. Those new to yoga should start slowly and also consider dealing with an experienced instructor for the purposes of correcting poses and postures. Those poses include;

Mountain Pose (Tadasana); this pose improves your body’s balance, awareness and posture.

Warrior I; this pose is responsible for lengthening the front of your body since most of the times, you find yourself sitting for long periods. Stretching your front thigh muscle helps with low back pain and improving your posture.

Bridge pose; areas which women love to focus more is the butt and inner thigh and this pose helps with that.